Thursday, October 19, 2006


I caught a cold last Wednesday night and I am still barely functioning at best (and when I say "cold" I actually mean "the mother of all phlegmy phlegm colds"). I always get sick at the worst times. I'm absolutely depressed because this week I missed what would've been a great roadtrip to a friend's wedding in Oklahoma, I used up all of my sick hours at work, it's Fall Break for Creighton (this is supposed to be vacation!), my dad is coming to town tomorrow for the Texas game on Saturday (which is actually not depressing, it's depressing that I don't have the energy to even go). And all because of my phlegm. Today's my first day back at work and I can barely sit upright for more than 15 minutes (so sleepy, so phlegmy). I find it so hard to focus, work, pay attention to anything when I've got a cold... and it's especially bad since I have to be the boss at work! I can't even sit back and just put in the bare minimum. I wish there was some magic no phlegm pill I could take and make it go away. Until then, I'll just have to bask in my phlegmliness until I can bask in it no more. Gross.


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